Sunday, April 03, 2005

surveillance cameras

One of the more helpful technological advancements is the "surveillance camera". Several of them point in a comforting manner to most parts of the Wayside Tavern. (Or point in a sinister manner if you are a baddy)

One cannot help but notice how thugs, toughs, king hit merchants & the like, all of whom claim that when riled, they can be stopped by "nothing", will when they realise they are within view of a camera, exhibit no such uncontrollable urges.

Most inconveniently for wrong doers, deeds performed in view of a surveillance camera are not subject to the previously known rules.

That is: Events recoreded by the camera are indisputable. Lack of, or presence of, human witnesses is irrelevant. The naked & unprovoked aggression of the culprit can be seen by all, in living colour, months afterward.

None of the usual concocted tales will get you off, ("I was only a bystander, it wasn't me at all, I wasn't there, he hit me first, I only hit him once, it was an accidental bump, etc etc")

Police investigation time is slashed, no time is wasted investigating claims made by witnesses who are in collaboration with the offender.

Mine Host watches benevelontly as the town ruffians behave like choirboys when under cameras.

For it is my face upon which they would be most likely to practice their trade, & I am perfectly happy for their natural urges to go unfulfilled.