Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Suffer Children, Suffer!

Rape is something Mine Host is (to put it mildly) most uncomfortable about.

The 2 children of one of the staff had been raped. This should be a momentous event.

The mother was somewhat put out about it. (As opposed to Mine Host's attitude in the same situation, which would have been downright homicidal) The rapist was her brother. The rapes were a longstanding event.

Yes, she was rather put out about it.
Heaven only knows how the 2 girls felt about it, by the time they were teenagers it was a semi-regular part of their lives.

The mother of the children was going away for a week, shopping. She delivered her children to her brother's house (the rapist) where they would be staying for the week.

As unhappy as she was about the children being raped, she was downright irate that her co-workers were uncomfortable with her choice of billet for her "own children".

Reason given (angrily) for placing her children with her brother? (who no doubt promptly reasserted his "raping rights") .........

.......... apparently is it "part of" her "culture" for uncles to care for children if the parents are otherwise occupied.

Mine Host is a firm believer that there should be a licence to breed.