Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Queensland" and "Brisbane" are NOT synonyms

(Perhaps even Antonyms!)

A seemingly universal ignorance of their own country, (geography in particular) is a common trait of Australians.

This is particularly so of that majority of the population located in the south-east between Brisbane and Adelaide.

The bulk of the nation's area is elsewhere.

The following incident could be repeated many times by almost anybody who is located outside a metropolitan area:-

In response to Mine Host's requests for some advice on a technical matter, something which had to be back in operation by that night, but the supplier & his servicemen were all located in Brisbane, thousands of kilometres away, the voice on the phone said:-

"No need to trouble yourself with attempting a repair sir, our servicemen are for that sir, we'll have you back in operation by sundown, stand by & one of our service vans will arrive to fix your problem, we have 2 vans on a short job in Kedron (northside suburb of Brisbane) right now sir, they will be despatched to your job next sir"

"Which suburb are you in sir?"

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