Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sooks and Sissys

Two separate videos of an event show no reaction from people in the room, prompting Rachel Lucas to ask was the incident real, or faked for the cameras?

A workplace incident, inside a room (presumably a large corporate office) a person exhibits excessive aggression, smashing equipment and striking co-workers.

Recounting an anecdote of a similar incident at her own workplace, Rachel recalls a more vigorous response from onlookers, in contrast to the events in the videos.

From his all too much experience of being present when a public display of violence is bunged on, Mine Host will state Two things:-

1/. Video evidence and personal recollections are often in disagreement.

2/. Not only the general public, but people well known to you (eg co-workers) will stand like statues and watch a unprovoked frenzied physical attack upon you.

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