Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What a Cute Little Doggy Woggy!

The Wayside Tavern has seen many & varied workplace injuries.
Most (ie the genuine ones) are related to broken glass.

There is an exception to every rule:

One of the lads is quite ill. He is pale & lacks energy, and in a sure-fire test that he really is ill, declines to partake of alcohol.

He and another guard were escorting an evictee from the premises. The eviction was quite straighforward, the evictee being a lightweight in capacity for both liquor and violence. Thus no trouble was anticipated, they just grabbed an elbow each & marched him out.

At the Wayside Tavern placid evictees are released at the door & advised where to find a taxi.

This event occurred at 1.30am, at this time the street in front of the Wayside Tavern is empty.

Correction, is usually empty. For as he changed balance & released the evictee, this lad tripped on a passing Scotty Dog, fell to the concrete breaking this skin on his arm and collecting the serious infection.

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