Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wolf in Wolf's clothing

Membership or otherwise (by the staff) of a Trade Union has never been an issue at the Wayside Tavern. Mine Host knows some staff have been union members, and some due to bitter experience are violently opposed to trade unions.

Disclosure: Mine Host is a sponsor of a Trade Union, his biggest customer, after collective federal & state government departments, has been the Trade Union Movement. His father held a Union Ticket most of his working life. Mine Host, courtesy of from whom he is descended, is Labor Royalty.

An employer in the town is the subject of a complex industrial proceeding, in which union involvement is quite heavy.

The union officer involved in the matter is an in-house guest booked for a long stay. He has become a familiar figure around the place, eating most meals in house & having constant dealings with most of the staff.

Currently most, if not all, staff are not in a union. Thus the extended stay of a union Industrial Officer is a golden opportunity for the union movement.

The union official is an abrasive, demanding, sour tempered swine. He is rude to the staff, possibly the worst behaved customer we have ever had. No matter the effort put in by the staff he is never anything but displeased & scathing. He is constantly scathing of the staff on a personal level, seeking to demean them at almost every opportunity.

Were Mine Host or his staff to treat their customers the way this man treats the ordinary worker, we wouldn't have any customers by the end of the week.

Easy to see why these swine seek to have union membership mandated by law. Were membership numbers reliant upon service & courtesy toward members the union movement would deservedly be finished.


Boy on a bike said...

That beautifully encapsulates every union official that I have ever met.

My grandfather not only helped found a union - he also helped to found the Labor party.

By all accounts, he was strict, unyielding, devout, meticulously honest, unfailingly polite and courteous and what you'd call "very old school". Never left the house without wearing a hat, coat or tie.

What the hell happened to the union movement?

Kay said...

I guess teachers unions are different. Our people were pretty nice. I think. Then again, I didn't deal with them much. I was a rebel in my early days because I didn't feel it joining the teachers union should have been mandatory. You could opt not to join, but they would still take the membership dues out of your paycheck.

Mine Host said...

I guess your teachers unions are different Kay.
(See my latest posting!)