Sunday, November 21, 2010

Connections by Phone

Scene: Wayside Tavern. Front Door.
Time: Late Saturday Night.
Cast: Police Officer in distant coastal resort town (voice only), Boss of Security Guard Co, Mine Host.
Props: Mobile Phone.
Action: Mine Host & Boss of Security Guard Co are engaged in idle chatter at front door, mobile phone rings...

Mobile Phone: Ring, ring,

Boss Guard: (bringing phone to ear) Hello, Mario speaking.

Voice on Phone: (audible to Mine Host, due to volume turned up to maximum level) This is Sgt Plod of Distant Coastal Resort town police, my boys have just picked up one of your guards for high range Drink Driving, what do you want us to do with him?

Boss Guard: Can you do something about it mate?

Voice of Police Officer: Easily, it'll never be heard of again, it didn't happen. Bye.

Action: Boss Guard puts phone away, Mine Host (shaking head) shuffles away indoors.

Note: The boss guard & the policeman didn't know each other, the (allegedly) drink driving security guard was on holiday in a different province, several hundred km from his workplace.

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Kay said...

Wow! That's pretty darn amazing.