Friday, February 25, 2011

Fashionable Lady

This photo of a lady from one of those overseas (foreign) countries is published here to contrast with a well dressed & alluring photo (her own press release, by golly) published on Musings, by Kae, one of the better weblogs read by Mine Host.

This other photo of the same lady is a split screen (Mine Host couldn't be bothered snipping the other half off). This mock-up poster is perhaps created by a supporter of the other (better dressed lady). She is actually the predecessor of the sloppily dressed one. Or perhaps it was created by a comedian (some public figures really leave themselves wide open to lampooning).

For a side bet, does anyone know if the better dressed lady ever allowed herself to appear in public looking & acting like a slob?


Sackerson said...

Clearly she's making a statement, or more than one. Showing off still-attractive legs, being cool and laid-back, appealing to core voters as like one of them, etc. Don't underestimate American politicians.

Kay said...

Awwww... thank you for the sweet compliment.

But... come on... you probably got that photo from when she was in Hawaii. We're very casual over here. :-)