Monday, January 30, 2012


To clarify some confusion with the previous post:

Mine Host operates in the private sector of the economy (other sectors of the economy are the corporate and the public sectors). In the private sector a university degree is more or less irrelevant, as people are hired by ability & aptitude.

Typically Mine Host will make a hiring decision during the job interview. A typical job interview for a key appointment lasts Two to Three hours. Sometimes the interview (& corresponding inspection of the job by the applicant) may be spread over a couple of days.

Formal qualifications are a curiosity. Experience is crucial, background a factor, & compatibility with Mine Host & with the current makeup of the business are the deciding factors.

However due the the employment crisis in Australia (there just aren't any staff available) several roles are unfilled. When hiring Australians one is mostly scraping the bottom of the barrel. This leads to changes in the business model & also in recruiting strategy.

The employment laws in Australia are weighted so heavily in favour of the employee that some roles are more or less out of bounds to Australians, as it will be placing the business at too much risk of unjustfiable on-costs by putting bottom-feeders into some roles.

Some jobs require stability, & have to be filled for a minimum of three years to provide the required stability to the role.

There are Two roles in Mine Hosts's organisation that have not attracted an Australian applicant in several years.

Both of these roles are well paid senior positions that pay well & carry a lot of responsibility.

Hence Mine Host has turned to hiring from overseas. This does not necessarily bring competence to the role, but it does bring stability.

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