Sunday, September 16, 2012

Going Viral

One could post about the advisability of clicking on the wrong part of an unsavoury website, or the benefits of keeping one's anti-virus up to date......

..... but it is when all your auto-storage of passwords is consigned to history that the full impact of losing one's usual computer hits home.

One could post on the joys & hardships of trying every password combination possible, only to be locked out of websites by this message: Account suspended due to too many password attempts.

... Mine Host has now winched up a bucket of water from the memory well, and has drunk the elixir contained therein. All passwords are now stored in the super safe location of an A4 page blu-tacked to his office wall, in a word document in every computer, on a card carried in his briefcase, inside his suitcase, and just about everywhere else except tattooed upside down on his tummy.

Regular posting will now resume.....


mojo said...


It will run from a thumb drive, stores passwords in encrypted DB, opened with a master keyphrase.

Tip top.

kae said...

My passwords, IDs and all my personal contact emails are in a little black book and also a little purple book.
I hope that way when I lose something (my mind?) I'll still have two back ups!

Steve at the Pub said...

Thanks... you wouldn't think you'd forget passwords so easily.

I could always use the (cough) same password for everything... except not all websites & accounts will accept the same style of password!

Veeshir said...

Open a freemail account, such as Hotmail, start an email with your passwords and "save a draft".

Wherever you are, if you have Internet access, you only have to remember the one password to the freemail account.