Sunday, June 29, 2014

Card Fees

Mine Host's mobile phone rings.  This number is a state secret, thus the call is likely quite important.

The caller is some cute salesgirl for some life insurance company connected to American Express.

The cute voiced girl blunders onward with the sales pitch.

She misses the verbal clue from Mine Host that he is prepared to listen, but is not happy.

She drones on, Mine Host tunes out.  Eventually she gets to the part where Mine Host has to verbally agree to his American Express card being debited.

He says "No".

Mine Host calculates that she has taken up Seven minutes of his time.

He informs her that he is going to divert the next several thousand dollars that customers wish to put onto their American Express card.

Waste Seven minutes of Mine Host's time, have several thousand dollars diverted to Visa or Mastercard.

Something for American Express to think about.


Sandi said...

Mine host always seems to the most effective way of dealing with such situations right there, on the spot.
He should start a side business in running tutorials for people like me who only think of such a response long after the event.

Skeeter said...

Not that it needs saying but seeing my favourite, Laphroaig, on the top shelf confirms you as a publican of great discernment.

Skeeter said...

...and that comment would make more sense if it had been left on the The Top Shelf post.