Sunday, February 27, 2005

On the House!

Of course with the introduction of the "new" liquor act (1992) much has changed, not only have "taverns" & other such names been removed from the official lexicon, but other more important requirements have changed also:

The Wayside Tavern is no longer required to have straw or stabling for 6 horses. Now we are no longer in breach of the law!

Holding a general licence now allows one to apply for a licence to operate poker machines. The pseudo-casino atmosphere inside Queensland pubs these days is a direct result of this change.

Poker machines: Where you sell something to people without having to give them anything.

Only a general licence (pub) is allowed to sell packaged (ie, take home) liquor. Random breath testing & severe penalties for drink driving has led (over quite some years) to an increase in drinking at home. Result: a proliferation of "quick-serve" drive through bottleshops.

Takeaway liquor could only be sold from a hotel premises, however now a hotel (general licence) may apply to open satellite bottlshops (maximum of 3, must be within 10km radius of the hotel). These can be found almost anywhere, although usually are in a large shopping centre, a suburban shopping precinct, or in a convenience location (I would prefer to have one located between a pizza shop & a video rental shop!)

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