Sunday, February 27, 2005

Second Round

Now that we are ensconced in the Wayside Tavern, what does the name mean? What is a Tavern? What is the difference between the following: Tavern, Inn, Hotel, and Pub?

Readers from Queensland (& possibly all of Australia & NZ) will be thinking "they are all the same thing!" Ah! Not quite so! Under the previous but longstanding Queensland Liquor Act, a "Tavern" & a "Hotel" were different liquor licences, with differing conditions. All were colloquially known as pubs. Under the new Queensland Liquor Act, all are now a General Licence, the licence conditions of which are quite similar, but differ from, those of a Public House.

Public House: A place, usually a building, where liquor may be purchased by a member of the public for no reason other than to consume it right there on the premises. (Commonly shortened to pub).

Inn: A place where overnight lodgings are offered to travellers, meals are provided & can also be a public house.

Hotel: A place where accommodation is offered, also meals, & may have ancillary facilities, perhaps shops in the foyer for the convenience of guests. The accommodation may be aimed at longer term residents, & meals are provided. A Hotel need not be a public house, however in Australia & some other countries the two terms have come to be synonymous.

Tavern: Public House which does not have guest accommodation.

Where is the Wayside Tavern? In Mighty Queensland! In various postings on this site it may be known such other names as befits a place or event in the experience of Mine Host. Events in this weblog are all factual, & are all in a pub operated by Mine Host. However chronology & location may sometimes be altered to protect the identity of those who have committed no offences.

For those who are still reading shall I refill the foaming tankards?

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