Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sold Out My Conscience

Alpalca, in comments, has suggested that Mine Host has "obviously" sold his conscience on the "free market" & has "chillingly" forfeited his humanity, furthermore Mine Host apparently has no time for anyone who does not fit his "perfect mould"

Obviously Alpalca has no grip on reality. Perhaps Alpalca is accustomed to being given money for doing nothing?

For the benefit of Alpalca, & any others who are reality challenged, I state this:

The department of social security exists to service bludgers.

The Wayside Tavern exists to serve clients.

Not being able to comment on the obvious free ride & soft background of Alpalca, Mine Host can only refer to his own jobs from the past.

No boss of mine would ever have tolerated a bludger. The blokes I worked with even less so. If someone did not pull their weight (mine host included) they were most robustly advised to mend their ways.

Failure to mend your ways would lead to a most physical "blue collar reprimand" being dished out, usually by the other blokes in the stock camp, but by the boss if necessary. The consequent black eyes & swollen lips were not permitted to be an obstacle to immediately starting to pull your weight.

There is no room in a shared accommodation and work environment for anyone who is a lone wolf, drug user, bludger, or has bad personal or social habits.

Walking off the job, lying to the boss about feeling crook, & getting drunk while a workmate covers for you (as Wacka did) would have at the very best have resulted in your departure on the first available transport to town. (Anyone who stuck up for you would be on back of the mail truck with you). At the worst... well, just imagine the ire of blue collar workers toward someone they feel has "had a lend" of them........

Anyone who did not eat or drink would not only be rightly considered an idiot (& told so) but would have been at risk of being held down & force fed in a most unpleasant manner. Also there is an almost 100% guarantee that the other workers would insist that the boss "get rid of him".


antikva said...

Where does Alpaca work? I want a job there too.
Oh wait, on second thoughts, no. The temptation to smack the bludger not pulling their weight would be too much for me.

Dirk said...

After having knocked around the bush for a little while, I've found that peer pressure is usually enough to sort out the Wacka's and Alpalca's of the world. Nobody likes a lazy bastard and it can get fairly lonely when you're in the bush, if you're workmates don't like you.
Every now and then swift and blinding violence is needed to re-educate somebody, but not often.
P.S. I wish that I could save $60,000 in two years.

alpaca said...

First of all, let me thank Mine Host for devoting an entire thread to my shortcomings. I might add you forgot to include arrogance and phobia of dogs.

As I write this comment, emerging from my heroin induced haze and tripping over my plasma screen tv bought with welfare payments inside my government house, I think about just how wonderfu my life is on the government ween...

Well, not exactly: Currently a full time university student, rapidly accumulating a HECS debt to the governmnet while working part time to support myself. But still, if you want to picture me as a dole bludger then please, go right ahead if it makes you feel happy.