Monday, February 06, 2006

Jeg Er Dansker

On this day we all are Danish!

"Jeg Er Dansker"

(a paraphrasing of:
"Ich Bin Ein Berliner"
John F. Kennedy
President of the United States of America
26th of June, 1963
Location: West Berlin)


coolbreeze said...

Omg..... "Jeg Er Dansker" ??? "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" ??? Is it Danish? need someone to translate these foreign words to me....

oigal said...


Your blog make me homesick, and I love you teasing the twit of the year "Thang"

Anonymous said...

Like a majority of Americans, JFK was such an arrogant idiot that he didn't bother to find out the correct way to say "I am a Berliner" before making a fool of himself in front of thousands of people. "Ich bin ein Berliner" means "I am a doughnut." He should have said "Ich bin Berliner."

coolbreeze said...

Thanks for the translation!!! Gosh, “ein” is such an important word, with this word “ I am a Berliner” turned into “ I am a doughnut.”