Friday, March 03, 2006

Fair Trading

In response to a bar job ad, Irene arrived on the bus, with a huge suitcase, a big smile, blemish free complexion like polished yellow china, lovely hourglass figure, long blonde hair, however all of this is ruined by the blank eyes and coarse gravelly voice.

She is 19, has a 3 year old child who is in the custody of the father. (Clearly she was doing more than her homework when at school).

She works quite hard, has obviously worked for someone with exacting standards. However she exhibits no maturity, and Mine Host refrains from putting her on late night shifts.

Each evening when she finishes work, Irene goes around the end of the bar, and the first man who will buy a drink for her is "allowed" to buy drinks for her for the rest of the night.

No matter how scruffy, how dirty, how old, she will stick with this fellow, (provided he buys her whatever she chooses to drink). Quite a sight sometimes, unwashed mid-40's bloke with lovely blue-eyed blonde dutch girl.

Thus far the scenario is a familiar one for Mine Host: Hot young thing bats eyelids at unattractive older man, gets several hours of free drinks, then ditches him.

However Irene had standards. At closing time she never failed to go home (or somewhere) with whoever it was, to "pay for the drinks".

Mine Host cannot recall ever seeing such meticulous scruples from a young chick who sponges drinks from older men.

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coolbreeze said...

What a waste of youth and beauty....... *siiiiigh*