Monday, March 06, 2006

I'm having the night off!

Irene lasted eight days at the Wayside Tavern.

On the 9th day she worked the lunchtime shift, (2 hours) and just before she was due to start the evening meal shift, telephoned to say that she had met someone, & would be having the night off to go out to dinner & drinks, however she would be "back to work" the following day.

The next day Irene showed up ahead of time.

However, it is impossible to be ahead of time when one no longer has a job.

Mine Host advised Irene to immediately vacate her room in the staff quarters.

A firm policy at the Wayside Tavern:
You don't turn up for work = You won't be turning up for staff perks either.

Irene had already been occupying her staff quarters for 24 hours longer than she had been staff.
Irene burst into a tirade about how "hard she has worked for this pub" and how Mine Host had "no right" to sack her, etc etc.

Not turning up for work is the opposite of hard work.
Other staff (ones who actually do work hard) having to do even more on a Saturday night to cover for you, is the opposite of you being hard working.

Later that night Irene's act of petty rebellion was to deliberately breach almost every rule of the boarding house.

The following morning was to be the enforced eviction. However during the night Irene had decided against confrontation, had cleaned out her room, and "gone".

Her pay owing was just enough to cover her room at commercial hotel rates for two days. Due to the clean room she recieved all of her bond back.

Since then Irene has held jobs at several other places in town. The eight days at the Wayside Tavern is the longest she has held down a job.


Ms J said...

i love the postings on Irene!!!!

(can i have her number?)

oigal said...

How do they survive without an income??

And it is killing me not knowing where the pub is. Love to pop in for a drink when I get back

steve at the pub said...

Reply to Inconditus: Can only give phone numbers of people who have one.
To have a phone, one must have a house, (for the phone line to come to, phones are not connected to a tree stump or to a park bench)
A teenage itinerant, who cannot hold a job for more than a few days, is unlikely to have a house.

Oigal: Passably attractive teenage girl, who will sleep with ANYONE, and in a district with chronic and severe imbalance of sexes, is not likely to go without anything she wants.
In a country where welfare payments are seen by some as a viable ALTERNATIVE to work, survival is assured.

If I say where the pub is, my cover is blown.

oigal said...


Well lets see... has crocs so north australia, Dirt aint Red enough so not much chance NT or WA (although kimberly ..mmm) I would say North Qld but have not seen you slag off Brisbane yet...

Where the hell's that Monk bloke when you need him..the search continues

oigal said...

Don't think you can trick us with the obvious "red herring" of the local pollie ..

Mark D Taylor said...