Sunday, November 26, 2006

Got a Pulse? You've Got the Job! (part 1)

Like most employers in regional Australia, the Wayside Tavern has a chronic staff shortage.

The minerals boom, in particular the high wages offered for unskilled work, has drained the labour pool.

The core of the staff are holding the place together, however the pool of people who used to keep pubs (or any business) operating just aren't around anymore.

This is nothing more than the market at work, the mining industry pays more, & expects less, so people go to work there.

The Wayside Tavern has been outbid for staff. This Mine Host can live with. Wages at the Wayside Tavern are already quite high, and exceed what is paid to most Queensland public servants.

The choices faced by Mine Host are:
1/ Pay the same wages as the mining industry.
2/ Do not hire staff.
3/Continue with the current crop of people who are prepared to be employed at the Wayside Tavern.
4/ Find staff from outside the current labour pool.


Dirk said...

Bronzed, brazen Scandinavian types with high hemlines and low expectations.

skepticlawyer said...

Are you in CQ? My nephew is chasing a pub job to subsidize his uni habit, and turns 18 this month. He's worked at Red Rooster and one of the local restaurants, and is no mug on the till, either.

steve at the pub said...

I am a looooong distance from ANY university.

As explained in early postings, tales here are not always chronological, nor do they all apply to the same premises.

However they are all true, & have happened to me in the course of the routine workday, even the most hair-raising or silly stories.

skepticlawyer said...

Don't doubt it for a minute, Steve. I'll make sure to stop for some coldies next time I'm swinging by your place.

Achmad Sudarsono said...

Hey Steve,

I saw this posting and if I come down to Australia can I learn to "pull a few coldies" at your Pub, me mate ?