Friday, January 19, 2007

Think first, before you let the Boss Down

Halfway through mealtime on Saturday night the chef walks casually through the dining area, carrying his tools.

"I'm outta here" he informs Mine Host"I've had enough of this town".

"Can't you at least wait until service is finished? It's not long to go now?"

"Nope, I've had enough of it, can't stand the town, can't stand the people, I'm going now!"

... with freshly abandoned customers to worry about Mine Host pays no more attention to the departing chef.

There are only a few orders to finish off & the cleaning up to do. The grill chef for the night is well able to handle it. No harm done. For tonight.

Going to make things interesting for a few days though.

Later that night the Head Chef phones from the staff quarters: "He means it, I can't talk sense into him, he is going to book himself on the first flight tomorrow!"

Even later the Head Chef phones again: "He can't afford the airfare, it is more than a week's pay, he hasn't any money, he has made a one-week advance purchase, and needs to work the whole week to pay for it"

In the morning the chef ambles in ever so nonchalantly for breakfast, & offhandedly announces to Mine Host that he has decided to "stay on" for a week, to make the transition "easier" for Mine Host.

Mine Host, (who has known this was coming since the moment the chef walked off the job) informs the chef that breakfast is for "staff only" and that the chef had removed himself from the staff the moment he walked off the job mid-shift.

Also, could the chef please have his rooms in the staff quarters vacated and spotless within the hour?

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GoAwayPlease said...

re your response at LP Rodeo - "GoAwayBrownie: There are a few benefits for Optus to hire “contractors” instead of employees, however I cannot see that Optus being absolved of performing slave labour for the ATO is one of them. Are you able to expand on your point?"

For 12 months I calculated the very complex pays for an evolving group of about 80 of these poor exploited people
"not 'employees' but 'contractors' I was repeatedly told. and that they had to make their own tax arrangements and had no guaranteed income.
They were sucked in with big $$ promises.
It was 1995 and the telco industry was very different then from now.
What I do know, is that Optus is evil, and owned by Singaporean business interests now, and that they jerked me around for their own financial gain (well of course, it's business) and I have no respect for them.

Barista blog had a recent post about Optus screwing him too.
I can recall a time when being a Company Director commanded some respect - those days are long gone.

Thank you for actually reading my little comment among the many at LP.