Tuesday, June 26, 2007

62 tyres?

As a lad Mine Host was taught that "real" road trains had 62 tyres on the ground.

Some time back, a basic instinct for numbers told him (without counting) that road trains stopping out the front of the Wayside Cantina were sporting more than 62 tyres. (country boys will all have known this)

Confess now, who else knew there was more than 62 tyres on this road train without counting?

As an aside: The truckies of a certain country beat their chests over a comparitively schoolgirlie "18 wheels" (less than a quarter of a REAL truck). AND they drive on sealed roads. On top of that, they carry cattle in alumunium crates, which shows just HOW easy they have it over there. There is a very good reason one doesn't see aluminium cattle trucks in Oz.


Ms J said...

my dear minehost, please can i have your email address..i have something to write ...


Ms J said...

steve read your email!