Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Throwing out the Rubbish

An acquaintance of Mine Host recently returned from several months sojurn in a warm sunny overseas destination.

A memento (pictured below) was presented to him by his employer.

His girlfriend promptly and deliberately disposed of the memento into a garbage skip, from whence it was transported along with tonnes of other stuff to a landfill.

She isn't his girlfriend anymore, nor does she deserve to be any else's.

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Belongum said...

To say that I'm 'gobsmacked' really doesn't begin to describe it for me mine host.

I daresay I may have worn a somewhat similar attire as said acquaintance, and as I don't have that memento as such - didn't do the same tour - I'd sure as hell go spare if mine went the same way... bloody hell!


Not nice at all... bugger!