Saturday, July 21, 2007

Flatfooted, & fast with the flatfoots.

"You may as well just hightail it on shanks' pony mate" This was sound advice from the carpark staff at the Wayside Tavern.

The car had arrived at speed bouncing accross the kerb and scattering the crowd as if they were chooks, before drifting to a halt in a parking bay. The driver, upon alighting revealed himself to be belligerent and in an advanced state of intoxication (or worse).

In coarse language he informed Wayside Tavern staff that he would not be leaving, then exuding an air of violence proceeded to the beer garden & sat down, completely ignoring directives from the staff to leave.

When the police arrived his belligerent manner did not alter. Asked to provide a specimen of breath he refused in no uncertain manner.

This is about the point the bracelets were put on, only 40 seconds had elapsed between the police tapping him on the shoulder and handcuffing him.

Forty seconds is close to the fastest time Mine Host has seen anyone talk themselves into gaol.


AC said...

40 seconds!?! Impressive!!! I hope he won't be making another appearance any time soon.

Sackerson said...

Have come to your blog via The Policeman's Blog. No flattery, you can write - tried getting in any papers yet?

I like your piece of 28 Feb 2005 - when British schools can bar whom they like, the teachers' stress levels will be down to 10% too, and we might get the civilisation we used to think we had.

steve at the pub said...

AC, Yes, the average time to talk their way into being locked up is usually about 2 minutes. This fellow was quick.

Thank you for dropping by.

Sackerson, it is good to hear a postive comment on my writing. I work hard on my style. Have never tried for newspapers.

I write purely to record those "gee, we must write this down" moments which come to us all.

I do not publicise this blog. However, the knowledge that people may be reading keeps me on my toes & thus I try to write comprehensibly.

Sackerson said...

Liked the eyeball story, glad he got it back in though. Can't understand people who don't simply enjoy their drink.