Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Hay Bale, an Eternal Chore

Mine Host, when even lower on society's totem pole than he is today, used to marvel at how publicans could actually moan about the "chore" of counting "washing baskets full" of money on a daily basis.

In a textbook example of the grass eternally growing greener accross the fence, Mine Host has learned what they meant.
Counting cash is simpler and more mind numbing than washing dishes. Though for obvious reasons counting cash cannot be done in the open by unmotivated uncaring staff who possess an actual "anti-work" ethic.

The sheer daily requirement of time that is spent handling a substance in quantities sufficient to (on a personal basis) solve all of one's short term problems and change one's life, has the ability to play havoc with the mind.



If it's like in the UK, actually you're a taxgatherer.

Iain Hall said...

In a previous job I had to count the takings of the busy restraunt that I worked at and you get to hate money after a while :o)
I like this blog enough to add you to my blog roll. Good 'tude very much in evidence.
Iain Hall

Ann O'Dyne said...

Notes and coins transmit cold and flu germs so you must be careful to wash hands very well after handling cash - especially before touching your face or food.
and notes smell bad in bulk.

Dataceptionist said...

I actually really enjoy counting money, does that make me weird? Are you in Metro Sydney Mine Host? I'll count your money!