Saturday, September 08, 2007

From Pouring Beer to Making Number Plates

Mine Host had just thrown out a female who on the occassion of her previous visit had hit one of the staff and threatened another. This is grounds for an automatic life ban. Hence she was refused entry.

No sooner had she gone and the screeching protests faded from the ear, than one of the male staff approached Mine Host.

"That's the second time you've thrown out one of my friends, I'm giving you two weeks notice!"

Mine Host's response was routine: "Offer accepted Sunshine, however no need to wait two weeks, I want you off the premises two seconds from now."

The [now] ex-staff stammered "B..b...b...b...but..."

At this point it dawned on Mine Host that the fellow had been bluffing!

The bluff had been a very risky one, as a subsequent discovery by Mine Host was that as a consequence of his resignation, the dear departed resignee was off to jail.

Unbeknowns to Mine Host, he had been sentenced to a term prior to starting at the Wayside Tavern, being kept out only by virtue of "having found gainful employment".

His freedom had been contingent upon him remaining in said employment.........

....Oh me oh my.......

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Dataceptionist said...

What an IDIOT
You don't want fools like that on staff anyway....