Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Full Service Eviction!

Don't want to leave? Don't worry, we at the Diver's Arms can organise it for you.

Just let us handle everything, even if you don't want us to, we'll still handle everything, hehe!

Or.... you could leave when requested.

Bonus points for guessing which of the 4 pictured above is Mine Host.


James said...

My vote is for the man on the left.

Jayne said...

That pic reminds me of The Angel Tavern in Malvern circa 1996.

Yep, I bags the bloke on the far left as Mine Host.

Duckie said...

The one with the cute ass?

Bwca said...

Mine Host has got to be the one in the middle with SECURITY on his back.

Why oh why won't people just leave when they are asked to?