Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Really Truly, Never Assume.... Ever!!

In an eerily similar, but preceding, event to that which was mentioned a few posts ago, Mine Host was confronted in the office by a bitter and angry manager.

The manager had resigned and was on the last day of working out his notice.

"When were you going to tell me?" delivered in what was meant to be a cunning manner, was the baffling remark made to Mine Host.

It transpired that the Manager had seen "his job" advertised.

Mine Host stated that this was not so, as the position had not been advertised.

In the manner of one who knows, the manager continued as if Mine Host had not spoken. "I know it was my job, because it is the same ad I answered to get this job"

Mine Host pointed out that this could not be so, as when the manager was hired the position had not been advertised.

The recruiting agent contacted by Mine Host had just filled a similar position, had several candidates left over, and had been able to organise interviews immediately.

This information seemed to have little impact on the manger, who shook his head and repeated "You weren't going to tell me, were you?"

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