Friday, September 19, 2008

Three Things you will NEVER see!

Because the answers won't be palatable to the political class, Australia will never have a referendum on the these questions:
1/. Capital Punishment
2/. Continued Muslim Migration (supplementary question on continued mosque construction)
3/. Mandatory Jail Terms (three strikes & you're in)


Umm Yasmin said...

But that's why we don't have direct democracy. So that the masses won't be able to enact their prejudices out on the vulnerable :)

oigal said...

I'm with Yasmin here sport, my better half is a Muslim and some bunch of yobs who consider Brisbane the height of culture get to decide if she can immigrate or not..I'll stand my services to Australia up against 90% of the unwashed with the prejudices.

BTW..There's Muslims and there's Muslims just as there are yobs and their are rednecks.

Steve at the Pub said...

I agree also.

Thus to date 100% of comments on this post agree with the post.

Hmmm :-(