Saturday, November 01, 2008

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo

With the upcoming return to unfair dismissal laws spurring the dismissal of roughly 10 staff, Mine Host has to decide who will go.

Will it be decided by coin toss?
Last on first off?
Who has had the most sick days?
Those of ill-temper?

To decide who finishes up, the method used will be: Who is the most useless?

One put his head on the chopping block this very week.

It is not often staff perform abominably in the presence of the boss. However such stupid creatures do exist.

Mine Host is lurking in the boutique bottle shop, in discussion with the retail manager, the counter manned by an able bodied 55-yo male staff.

A frail woman of more than 70 years of age enters the shop. A regular customer. One bottle of spirits and one of fortified wine. She gives her order to the attendant, who is leaning on the counter as would a 17 year old.

Without lifting his elbows from the counter, he jerks his thumb & grunts to her "They're on the shelf over there".

Mine Host stops his conversation long enough to indicate with his hands to the old dear to not move, fetches the bottles, conducts the sale and pushes her trolley to her car. Once she is gone the attendant is summarily dismissed, an employee of about one year's standing.

An able bodied mature aged male who would force a frail elderly woman to fetch & carry, ...well... such a twerp would have to be berefit of any character or moral fibre.

Especially as fetching bottles & carrying to the car is a service we provide.

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