Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snake Sheds Skin, Reemerges as Snake

Queensland once again has a new liquor act. Effective as of the 1st of January 2009.

Not sure what the informal name for this new legislation will be, probably the "Bligh" act, (it replaces the "Goss" act, which replaced the "Joh" act) (Named for the Premiers at the time)

This new act is allegedly the result of two years of consultation with the industry and the public. Like fun it is! There is little sign of any of the suggestions from the public or industry.

Despite an entire two years to get it right, there are some conflicting parts in the act, and some really, really odd stuff. Some stuff hasn't been thought through very well, no surprise to those who have had to observe Premier Bligh in action, thought isn't a strong point.

As can be expected from a Premier who is a wowser, and whose offsider is a zealot/wowser, the act doesn't contain much good news for those whose living has to be made from the liquor industry.

Mine Host's favourite quote from the Premier: "The hotel industry has to pay for what it has done to Qld"
Sort of covers lots of things in one doesn't it? And about not just the liquor industry.

Mine Host notes that he is no longer the holder of a "general" licence, it is now a "commercial" licence. How exciting, lots of new terminology to learn.

The ineptness of the new act kept Mine Host fully occupied for most of the month of January, as even when legislation is badly written (or plain stupid) it will still take your livlihood away if you aren't careful!

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Wild Colonial Boy said...

Mine Host,

Good to see you back on deck again, hope your recuperation is going well. I have missed your tales of the trade and look forward to the next instalments.

On another note, what do you think the chances are of Bligh surviving this election?