Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I've been hired, now I'll misbehave! (2)

New Manager at the Wayside Tavern. Seemingly the best of an extensive shortlist

References all stood up, right answers given in interview and required attitudes displayed.

The unravelling began on the 2nd day. New Manger (very much on probation) declares that most pub income streams are not able to be improved, nor will they atrophy from lack of attention, "just let it happen".

This considered opinion from a management grade appointment is sufficient to require the administration of smelling salts, for the revival of Mine Host.

Except bar trade, Probationary New Manager seemed to feel that bar trade is "the only area where takings can be improved" so he would pour effort into that.

Mine Host then watched as Temporary Probationary New Manager ordered and drank in quick succession (without paying) Four Schooners of full strength beer. (1.7 litres)

This was about halfway through the workday.

The following day the Temporary Probationary Possible New Manager again ordered and drank in quick succession Four Schooners of full strength beer. Again no payment was made for these drinks.

Alone in the lounge bar for his quick mid-shift binge (bar staff were busy elsewhere), a demonstration was given of the amount of effort that would be poured into improving the bar trade: Arriving customers were handled by studiously ignoring them & pretending he was himself a customer.

The day after the Temporary Pending Possible New Manager again sat on the customer side of the bar for his mid-shift Four Schooners that he did not pay for.

He parked himself in a corner so he could not see customers were any to arrive.
However at that time he was the only staff on duty in the bar.

It is unlikely that this fellow has listed Mine Host as one of his referees, probably the resume does not even show the employment at the Wayside Tavern. Subsequent employers have never contacted Mine Host for a reference.


Kay said...

I'm so sorry! With so many people needing jobs these days, you'd think you could find some great people out there.

Mine Host said...

This was a couple of years ago Kay. However it is still just as difficult to find staff.

It is difficult to readily accept that there are numbers of people needing jobs, as plenty of job advertisments still go unanswered.

I now have the highest number of overseas staff I've ever had, & have lots more immigration applications pending.

This country is in about the 6th year of chronic labour shortage.

mlesser said...


Thanks for reading the blog! Yeh the scenery is amazing and even after years of flying around places, i still look out the window.

I am a southerner! and i tell everyone, as im proud Sydney born and bred :)



Boy on a bike said...

Years ago, I knew a bloke who specialised in pub insolvency. He would take over pubs after they had gone belly up, and try and sort them out.

His first trick was to always get rid of the staff freebies. Here's how he would do it:

On arrival at the pub, it was usual for one or more staff to approach him and give notice. He'd select one, and then tell them that he would pay them out in full that day if they did one thing for him....

Selected victim would leave the office, go to the bar and pull and drink a beer in front of all the staff without paying for it.

Just as he finished his drink, the manager would burst from his office and yell, "Right, you didn't pay for that - you're fired".

He said most pubs returned to profitability the day after doing that.

Mine Host said...

Fantastic BOAB. I'll try that myself!

Boy on a bike said...

He had some other sage advice about food, but I drank too much and forgot everything he said.