Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unsafe Workplace

New girl arrives to take up a position.

She filled in an employment contract stating there were no injuries or medical conditions that would impair her ability to work, then signed underneath her words.

This representation was not consistent with her Facebook page, which revealed her discussing Two injuries & how she was going to conceal these injuries until she could get a job & "get compo" for them.

A week or so after starting work, she came to Mine Host for a small cash loan, as she "had to get something at the Chemist's shop"

Eagle eyed Mine Host noted her strolling back from the Chemist shop carrying a bandage & arm sling.

The following day when working alone & unobserved she "injured" her arm in the course of her duties.

Presenting with the injured arm bandaged & in the sling, she announced to Mine Host that she would have to submit a Worker's Compensation claim.

Mine Host then had a brief conversation with her, conducted under the cone of silence.

As a result of this conversation she immediately resumed her duties, having had a sudden change of heart about a Worker's Compensation claim.


kae said...

They aren't very bright are they?

Good thing you checked her out on Facebook.....

People like that really need their bums kicked, they wreck it for people who have been injured at work and are not given a fair go.

Kay said...

Gosh! I thought you would just fire her. She's not sounding like a very honest employee. Do you really want her working for you?

Mine Host said...

Kay, there are laws against firing people for things like that. The laws are unfair, and encourage employee apathy. But it is the law.

Trying to lodge a fake worker's comp claim (or to put it more aptly: an attempt at defrauding the state government worker's comp scheme) is unlikely to be sufficient reason to fire someone.

Besides, staff are difficult to find, it is not as if there are people out of a job & looking for work, I have to take what I can get. One of the downsides to a full employment economy.

Mine Host said...

Kae: Facebook is a Gold Mine! At least half, possibly more, of my job applicants have information on their Facebook page that makes them "Marked Men" (or marked girls) or else kills off their application completely.