Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reason #251

Anybody who says there is "no valid reason for any person to possess semi-automatic firearms" has never had the experience of discovering that a microsoft (or other software co.) update has afflicted their formerly perfectly working software.

There is nothing like discovering that not only do you have all new different shortcuts, but some of the best features have been written out of the software.  "You'll just have to get used to it sir!"


JeffS said...

I hate "improvements" that are forced on you by clueless geeks.

kae said...

I used to use mail-merge a occasionally in MS word.

One upgrade made this a real exercise in frustration.

I haven't used it since (fortunatly I haven't needed it).

I hate it when their "improvements" just make things more difficult.

Anonymous said...

A fellow in the computer course that I was taking complained that once he had updated his software, the computer no longer worked.

The instructor asked a question.

"If the computer was already working, why did you update the software?"

Steve at the Pub said...

... when software auto-updates (or tricks you into an auto-update), you haven't really had a say in what has happened.