Tuesday, March 05, 2013


The NBN is available to the Wayside Tavern!

Cost:    $150-$200 per month.
Speed:  6 mb per second.

Considering how much of Australia's money has been squandered on the NBN, and given the abovementioned cost and internet speed:

How does this offer stack up?


JeffS said...

Assuming that you use Australian dollars...

That's comparable with what I pay for my home service, from a commercial provider (i.e., no obvious subsidies), which includes telephone, cable TV, and similar INTERNET speed.

So, I'd say you'd be hosed with such a deal.

Kev said...

I get 6.73 mbps(download)on ADSL2 for about a third of that cost. However upload is a tenth of that so you're paying a lot to upload if NBN promises 6mbps both ways.

Michael Baker said...

Fair dinkum?

My area doesn't even have ADSL2 and it gets over 7MBps!

Wasn't the promise of NBN around the 100MBps mark?

LaborFail again!

Anonymous said...

Australia is noteworthy for its third world internet infrastructure. At least I gather the government has given up for the moment on that silly filter plan which really would bring it to a crawl.

Up here in first world Singapore I am currently considering upgrading my sluggish 25mps (unlimited) plan, and I was just looking at some of the fibre plans on offer - since pretty much all residences here now have fibre to the home.

I see one of the telcos is offering 100mbps for about $60 SGD ($47 AUD), and 200 mbps for about $100. Or I could get a 25 mbps fibre plan for $40 a month, which is a bit of a saving over the cable plan I'm currently on.

The top plan is 100 mbps (in reality about half that) for 400 a month.

Of course these are home plans. As a business you get slugged an awful lot more for the same service.

I guess some things are the same everywhere eh?

Anonymous said...

oops. "The top plan is 100 mbps" <-- I meant to type 1000 mps there

mojo said...

Being robbed. My home internet is 10MB up/down and $45 a month.


Steve at the Pub said...

The comparison just went out the window. I was being quoted the rate for a domestic household.
They aren't even game to quote me the list price to provide the same plan to a business (one that employs people - apparently there is a progressive scale of charges, related to the number of staff in the business.)

davis,br said...

Washington state.

30 down. 10 up (approximate: no one guarantees speeds, all use weasel laguage in the contract ...that said, I see that ranger most time when I bother to check)