Monday, September 30, 2013

Not Connected

You would think that "everybody" has a mobile phone these days, correct?

Well, "everybody" apart from homeless, weirdos, great-grandparents (fuddy-duddy types) and farmers from places where there isn't mobile phone coverage, correct?

Normal people in bog-standard western economies (ie Australia) all have mobile phones, correct?

Think Again:

Five of the Wayside Tavern staff do not have a mobile phone.  Weirdos?  Drug-addled loonies?  People on the run?


A married man in his forties,  A married woman in her thirties, and three single ladies.

Each of them is as normal and well adjusted as can be.  They've just never ever had a mobile phone.

The married man is a most suave and interesting chap, has spent most of his life overseas or working on cruise ships, mostly as a senior clerical officer/manager.

The married woman is a former law student now married to a tradesmen who is on a long-term contract in the district.

One of the single girls is a chemo nurse in her mid-thirties, very slim, very attractive and intriguing,  having a break from her career, spending a year working in "the general economy".

Another is a very attractive and interesting girl in her mid-twenties, working to accumulate a grubstake.

The other is a super-duper attractive twenty year old girl with a most infectious smile, who makes an adventure of everything.  She's already been all around the world.

And none of them have a home phone or landline either.


RebeccaH said...

Cell phones, I can understand. It took me a while to accept the idea, even though here in the States it's practically obligatory to have one.

Landlines, though? Makes me suspicious? Are they hiding from the law?

Steve at the Pub said...

Hi Rebecca,
Landline is actually rare here, as most people live in the staff barracks. Sometimes they want an internet connection of their own, so have to first get a landline.

People who don't have a mobile/cell/hand (choose your local word) phone sometimes get a landline put in.

None of these are hiding from the law, although being on the run isn't unknown with pub staff.

Those who are wanted, it's mostly for cheap reasons, skipping on income tax, evasion of child maintenance, unpaid traffic fines, etc.