Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stamford Hotel, a BYO pub.

Returned from several days in the Big Smoke, Mine Host is able to report that the Stamford Plaza, in contrast to the Brisbane Hilton, does restock the minibar, and is very prompt and efficient about it.

The let down however, is the Stamford Plaza does not replace the soap in the room.

Not once.

Each day the room is carefully made up, the minibar is restocked, the linen & towels are changed, the (huge) bathroom (yes, it has a great big bathtub) is like new, but...... no soap.

This was not a mistake.  It was every day.

Mine Host, who doesn't mind the Brisbane Stamford, will henceforth be sure to bring his own soap.


RebeccaH said...

I always bring my own soap/shampoo/conditioner/etc. because hotels will supply the cheapest, harshest chemicals in order to save money. Not that I blame them for trying to cut costs. I just look after myself.

kae said...

What RebeccaH said.
I bring my own pillow if I'm travelling by car, I am a pilly girl. (My brother is a blankie boy.)

Skeeter said...

I prefer a hotel that is slow to restock the minibar. That gives me a chance to restock it myself; at bottle-shop prices.
Twenty years as a traveller in aluminium tubing taught me a lot of guest survival skills.

Steve at the Pub said...

Skeeter, while every dollar does count, the $4 difference between bottleshop price and mini-bar price is not worth it for me to try to locate a bottleshop in Brisbane CBD (come to think of it, I've never noticed a bottleshop anywhere there).

My time in the big smoke is too precious. And the cost isn't much compared to how much the room costs, nor how much I pay for meals.

RebeccaH: You raise an issue I haven't been reminded of in years. I've written a post especially on it. It comes up shortly.

Skeeter said...

Agreed, Steve. Prioritising the use of your time would certainly be overriding, especially if you paid even half the the room rates you quoted in your earlier post.
My time awake during hotel stays was devoted entirely to R & R.