Saturday, March 29, 2014

Journalism - the valueless degree.

Even the most inattentive could not possibly have missed the deplorable decline in the standard of journalism since it became a degree course.

The above photo and caption were published today on

The best the kid who wrote the caption can hope for is to use the excuse of "I made a typographical error and one word was omitted."

In which case they should be sacked on the spot, for using bad English.

Alternatively the (cough) journalist who captioned the photo is (as are 99% of "journalists") clueless on "army stuff" and has written the caption exactly as they intended.

In which case they should be sacked on the spot, for gross stupidity.


Jim Clarke said...

But... there was smoke and guns and stuff. Maybe the big bullet thing hasn't come out of the end yet. /sarc

kae said...

LOL Jim.

MvL said...

Who knows? Maybe the Russians can fire a tank, they get plenty of practice firing politicians.
Gonna take more than 2 men and a dog though.
Photo is pre-bang. The barrel is still "sanitized for your protection".

Mine Host said...

Hehe, my knowledge of Russian hardware is a tad rusty, but if that thing were to fire the recoil would have it rocking back on its haunches quite a deal.

Lord knows how the dog would take it, but you'd think it wouldn't sit there half asleep.

Those two bloke would be bowled over, and likely have bleeding ears as well.

Mine Host said...

All that aside, even the stupidest of journalists should know a covered barrel when they see one.

Anonymous said...

Likely stock photo. Russians don't do embedded journalists. They prefer to keep credentialed spies out of their military operations.

Lee jones said...