Friday, March 14, 2014

Slowpokes on the Information Superhighway

This arrived in the mail on the 28th of January.  It is from a doofus corporation who can't seem to get much, if anything, right.

The address wasn't even correct.  (They are somewhat inept at that corporation).

It was a bit of a tedious grind in the office on the 28th of January, so Mine Host, seeking distraction, decided to give Trip Advisor (a doofus corporation that can't get much right) a call to see what they wanted.

The phone number didn't work.   Just how inept is this corporation?

Why send it at all if it arrives a month after the expiry date of the enclosed offer?


kae said...

Happy you've found something to blog about.

Phone disconnected, company out of business... gee, I wonder why.

Anonymous said...

Tripadvisor is a joke of a company that tries to ransom the good name of accommodation businesses in order to get them to list with them.

Never Ever will either of our two motels be listed with Tripadvisor.


peewhit said...

I suspect that the next thing is an invoice in the hope you will pay without thinking and checking

Mine Host said...

Peewhit: Not sure if they'll try that. But they're trying everything else, I'm getting several emails each week. These are deleted too fast to read 'em, but I presume they are full of high pressure sales push about how much better off I'll be if I sign up to some programme or other with them.

Won't be happening.

Kae: These blighters are like Coca-Cola, they think they've become indispensible.

Mote: I wish I could somehow get off their webpage. I've never asked to be part of them, and some places in town cannot get listed with Tripadvisor. (While things like the beach (can you believe it?) have a Tripadvisor listing?