Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I'm not that crook of a Shot.

Former Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard
This photo mock-up is a reaction to last night's federal budget delivered by the opposing political party.
Mine Host struggles to comprehend the mentality of those posting this picture all over the junk medium of Twitter.

1/. Julia Gillard was not the Prime Minister at the last federal election.  Her own government fired her from the job some time beforehand.

2/. That aside, the government of Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd (the fellow with whom she job-shared the role of Prime Minister) was so bad that even someone who has had a frontal lobotomy could not maintain a straight face to post the above photo.


DaveTacomaWA said...

That's not even original. A couple of years ago billboards starting showing up around the U.S. with Bush's picture and that same phrase.

Mine Host said...

I imagine we'll be seeing a lot more of it in the future Dave.

But this one from what is arguably Australia's worst Prime Minister in history is sort of like seeing a "Miss me yet?" poster from Obama if Ronald Reagan were to take over from him.

TNA said...

I was overseas during the week of the budget. I caught up on it when I returned and was left wondering what all the fuss was about?

It looks to me like they bottled it; there's obviously a recession on its way and the smart but unpopular thing to do would have been to flush out the debt early and kill all the rorts at all domestic, corporate and public sector levels to speed the recovery. I don't see that they've scratched the surface in doing that.

Mine Host said...

Couldn't agree more. They've pussy-footed around the hard stuff.
They couldn't get worse press than they're getting, so why not go the whole hog & do what needs to be done?

Dan said...

So oblivious are the LNP they more than likely think 1% car loans, banks throwing CC at customers with 12 month 0% are signs of an economy going gangbusters

Mine Host said...

Agreed Dan. There is plenty of worry. (Has been for about a year)
Abbott is toxic in small business-land.

The LNP is likely clueless that this is so, and just as clueless as to why.

Kay said...

And we've got Trump leading in the Republican polls. Scary!