Thursday, January 12, 2006


Malaysian blogger Minishorts (must be a story to that name) has posted proudly announcing she does not eat beef. Curiously, she then goes on, as if it is perfectly natural to do so, to state that she of course eats (pause to choke)... pork & chicken!

One is decent & clean and will make you big and strong {beef}, the other is disgusting & tastes horrible and you will be pale and weedy, like some sort of undernourished vegetarian {pork & chicken}. Beef, mostly grassfed on open range or pasture, is a far healthier product than the mostly factory-farmed pork & chicken.

Just a thought for you, Minishorts.

Look at these bullicks, (phonetic spelling today). Grassfed and at least 6 years old, they look like they would be perfect eating, and they were!


Dirk said...

What sort of pasture were they on? They're really, really shiny.

Russ said...


This a couple posts old but the photo of the truck in the paddock..any chance of knowing where ??

No need for the station name (can if you want) but perhaps region..western Qld? NT ?


nori said...

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Mine Host said...

Dirk: The bullocks lived on pulled brigalow country sown with buffle & a bit of green panic. Plenty of suckers to hide in, which is why the crafty old fellows got to such size, they kept sneaking off silently at mustering time.

Russ: For various reasons I keep my identity & the identity of my current pub anonymous in this blog.
However there are plenty of clues that the truck photo is taken on a northern cattle run.

In the same blog posting I mention that the station ran 2 full stock camps, with all aboriginal labour.

The truck is not registered.
Atop the truck are a pile of swags and some cooking pots etc.
The rider (headstockman) has a quart pot, not a big clue, but often people don't carry them unless they really do "dinner camp" out on horseback.

In the near background are 2 Mimosa Bush. There are endless black soil plains in the Qld Gulf Country, the Barkly Tablelands & I understand also in the Victoria River & Kimberley districts.

I don't know how far the Mimosa reach, but they are your best clue to the general location.

Also those plains are FLAT like a billiard table, and there is no grass in sight.

A close look at the full sized picture will reveal that the truck is following a mob of cattle. (There are tracks everywhere, and freshly disturbed dirt on the levee of the road) There is no dung, a sign of how dry the "feed" is.

I can also say that in the photo we are 70 miles from the homestead.