Saturday, January 28, 2006

Just When I Think I Have Seen It All (part 2 already)

An absolutely cute story :-) :-) :-)

Scene: Busy bottleshop in shopping centre.
Cast: Harried Staff x 1
Peripheral Customers x several
Korean Field Workers x 4
Props: Coldroom full of beer & stuff at rear of bottleshop

Action: Peripheral customer (elderly lady) asks Harried Staff (at cash register) for an item.

Harried Staff replies "You can find that inside the coldroom Dearie"

Peripheral Customer: "But I can't get into the coldroom, it is full"

Harried Staff: (Thinking) Gosh, it will be easier to go over there & get it for her than to explain, besides, wonder what can possibly be blocking the coldroom, I was in there only a half hour ago!

(typical view inside a coldroom)

Inside the beer coldroom:
Several 30-packs of beer cans pulled out & arranged in a circle (like Stonehenge). Each of these "stools" was occupied by a Korean Field Hand, in the middle, perched on another 30-pack, are cakes and opened packets of biscuits, a thermos of tea, cups, sugar, etc.

Harried Staff: (Unable to believe her eyes) "Can I help you to get anything?"

Korean Field Hand: (The one with the most English, while the others smile and nod) "No thank you, not need anything"

Harried Staff: (Attempting to clarify a previously unconceptualised event) "Do you wish to buy anything?"

Korean Field Hand: "Oh no thank you, we have tea, biscuit, not need to buy anything"


coolbreeze said...

Gosh... how these people got into the cold room in the first place and were acting like being their own place? Picturing it in my mind.... yes..... it is quite cute..... hehehe...

Dirk said...

What sort of field are these Koreans hands in? And how did it come to pass that they were able to stroll into your coldroom undetected? Is publifting a problem?

Anonymous said...

is this what you rednecks drink before you go bash fellow immigrants at the beach, or is it a different brand?