Tuesday, April 18, 2006

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The background does not give much clue to the location, but there is not much of the country where part-Percheron breeding is preferred in the steeds, and there is lots of roly-poly.

This fellow had a mouth like iron, & steered like a one-way plough. But he was a very smooth ride, and continually surprised me with the extent of his hurdling ability.

Full saddlebag, midday sun, fenceposts to indicate we are at a waterpoint, roly poly indicates the environs have been unstocked.

Does this silence all those who complain that I don't show myself on blog?


Dirk said...

The horse looks pretty lively. I was going to call an early morning shot, but the shadow is too short.
Late start, or fiery horse?

coolbreeze said...

Finally, you have taken off your cover..... have very difficulty in seeing the face of the lad on the horse but have got a vivid imagination, it may help me. :o)