Sunday, April 30, 2006

Who says only pubs prefer female staff?

The job market in Oz is very much a seller's market.

The extent of the desperation of the employment crisis:

Over the past few months the hospital has sent agents into the Wayside Tavern on several occassions, and almost all of Mine Host's female staff have while at work, recieved a surreptitious approach, offering to train them as nurses.

I never imagined in my life this would happen, that hospital management would be coming into pubs and bottleshops, repeatedly, attempting to cajole the girls into a nursing career.

Clearly the hospital management is under extreme pressure.

Mine Host, who has to fend off poaching attempts from many directions, at least has not to worry about this new threat, as the ladies have all informed the hospital recruiters that they prefer pouring beer to wiping bums.

In a sexist twist, None of the male staff have been targeted by the hospital.

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warmbreeze said...

Have a second experience through hearing from a few of nurses around me and have to say that nurse is one of hardest occupation and won't last longer without the passion for looking after & helping the sick. they are working on crazy shifts, occasionally witnessing patients dying on them (can't bear even thinking of it..) and of course wiping their bums if they are incapable to do it on their own...etc. Now have much respect for nurses and doctors.

"none of the male staff have been targeted by the hospital" haha... guess that women are born with mother instincts which looking after the sick comes by nature without being learned by any sorts of training and men are.....(don't know much about this species..... better leave it to someone else to comment on ...)