Friday, April 14, 2006

The Missed Flight!

Stewie was one of the most talented chefs to ever work for Mine Host.

Shaven headed, with tattoos front & rear of his neck (which being blood red, looked much like entry & exit bullet wounds). A most imposing sight he would have been, had he been a heavyweight instead of a bantamweight.

The tattoos and shaven head, while harmless personal choices of Stewie's, indicate an attitude toward societal norms which any employer, when hiring, is well advised to keep in the back of their mind.

One of the few chefs to serve the full term of his contract, Stewie then took holidays down south, after which he would return for a second term.

Mine Host gladly funded the return airfare south (one of the benefits to staff who actually complete their contract).

However on the day of return, Stewie did not disembark from the flight.

Shortly after came a phone call:

"I missed me flight, send another airfare"

"Return airfare was supplied, if you didn't make use of it then it is up to you to organise getting here. But be quick, you are late for work"

"Not my fault, the plane left without me, it musta been early or something" (Yea right - to use Stewie's own vernacular)

When Stewie arrived back at work (self-funded trip this time) he tried to spin some far-fetched yarn about how "Qantas was at fault".. how the flight had left before schedule, without him.. etc etc.

However the real story rapidly came to light: (facts can never be suppressed)

"Er... boss, I gotta be back in the big smoke on the 23rd"

"Like fun! On the 23rd you will be at work Sonny Jim. You just got back from holidays, no more time off for a while!"

"Er... I really gotta be there, I gotta appear at court, if I miss the hearing on the 23rd, there will be a warrant for me on the 24th....."

This is where the facts of the "missed flight" emerged:

Stewie had arrived at the airport still "half-charged" from his holiday bender.....

......had got into an argument with Qantas check-in staff. ....(Perhaps over his suitability to fly when already so obviously inebriated, but this is speculation on my part) ......

..... the argument culminated in Stewie taking a swing at a Qantas staff member.....

So when Stewie's flight departed he was in a paddy wagon on his way back into town.

Violence toward airport staff, at an airport, is a most serious offence. Stewie will be a very sorry little boy before the legal system has finished with him over this.

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oigal said...

Could be worse, Got a phone call from "one of ours here in Indonesia" Sorry I will be late, I have lost my ticket and passport..

How? He put his bags on one plane and managed to board another (the inter island flyers are not the top zone of security checkers),