Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mmmmm Breakfast!!

Prodded by the perceived need for some more photo posts, and at the risk of making the Wayside Tavern seem too flash, some photo posts of the grog & tucker will be appearing.

Breakfast is available at the Wayside Tavern from 5.00 a.m. until 11.00 a.m./noon:

The menu choice for breakfast is extensive, and with some adroit ordering it is even possible to have a cooked breakfast without eggs.

(photographing food is a skill, Mine Host believes he does not have this skill. Kim Ong this is your hint to provide lessons)


Kay said...

Wow! That is really gorgeous! Is that smoked salmon? Very expensive looking.

Boy on a bike said...

That looks pretty good. I'd eat that for breakfast every morning - assuming the hollandaise was up to scratch (some places botch it sooooo badly).

See if you can take some photo tips from this bloke:

Mine Host said...

Yes, smoked salmon. Pleased to hear it looks expensive, we charge $25 for it.

BOAB: The Hollandaise is first class!
That link you gave is intersting, but I am unable to find photography tips on it.