Thursday, March 24, 2011

While you wait, Mmmmm!

Having drinks in the bar after ordering your meal?
The Chef often sends a little something in for your group to sample in the meantime. As a thank-you.
(Some glasses were encroaching on this photo. Mine Host's editing skills could do with some improvement.)


Boy on a bike said...

Lemon soup! My favourite!

Brian said...

Lemon soup the perennial favorite. Brings back fond memories. Back in the day a small group of us were regulars at the Friday night Harald Park Trots [raceway].

Win or lose we had a regular stop at an inner urban eatery on the way home. The favorite for most of us was chicken in a basket.

One time a friend, who was with us for the first time at the eatery ordered the CIAB along with the rest of us, the server put down bowls of water and lemon and napkins prior to bringing the chicken, our friend said to the server, “I did not order soup but if it is free then I’ll keep it”. On slurping some up he commented, “this soup is pretty weak and tasteless”

He was none the wiser until we filled him in.

Nice photographs by the way, and the food looks great.

Kay said...

Really? Lemon soup? I've never heard of such a thing. The presentation is amazing. The chef sends this little something as a thank you? Holey Moley! I'm blown away. I guess this is how the other half of the world lives.

Mine Host said...

Boab: Your favourite? Due to low cost of ingredients, we can produce lemon soup quite cheaply!

Brian: Had your mate chundered first he wouldn't have thought the soup either weak or tasteless!

Kay: Er...They are talking about the finger bowl. It has lemons in it to add a touch of class.