Sunday, March 06, 2011

Have Cake & Eat it Too.

A recent applicant for an apprentice management (restaurant supervisor) position was most eager when telephoned by Mine Host.
Working in the Pilbara, the applicant was a chef, keen to learn new skills & "move into management" (Gee, don't we hear that a lot!)

The job ad clearly listed the salary offered, the duties, & the location.
The applicant was fine with all of this, as he was "sick of" the Pilbara (no trees & very hot) & was looking forward to a coastal Qld location.

So Mine Host emailed a letter of offer, which pretty much matched the job advertisment.

The candidate immediately replied that "your offer does not interest me".

Struggling with this sudden reversal, Mine Host immediately telephoned and enquired why was this?

"I am getting $95,000 per year as a chef in the Pilbara, while your offer is $45,000 so it doesn't interest me."

Biting his tongue Mine Host politely thanked the applicant & ended the call.

For heaven's sake! The salary was in the headline of the job ad.

He expects $95,000 per year + full keep + 8 weeks holiday? (His current package) in an apprentice position for which he doesn't have the skill set? He expects Hardship & Remote Area pay for the Qld coast?

Mine Host's forecast: The fellow will be a chef in the Pilbara for a long time. He's less than 10 years off retirement, so may never again work elsewhere.


Kay said...

Well...gee, that's awfully peculiar. Why would he even apply elsewhere when he's sitting on such a pretty package as it is? In the long run, I think you're a whole lot better off without this crazy person.

Boy on a bike said...

$95k in the Pilbara? He must be a lousy cook. Dish washers can earn more than that up there.

Anonymous said...

Cripes, pretty stupid for his age.

Mine Host said...

BOAB: In my experience most talk of high wages in the mineral belt should be divided by 30%.
Or sometimes more, as often the high wages quoted are that once-in-a-blue moon 100 hour week of overtime multiplied by 52.

Kay: For that money he has to live in an 8'x8' box with a 7' ceiling, shared outdoor facilities, nothing more than a burger shop for 1000 miles, & his family is 5000 miles away.

Hence he wanted to change.
But yes, the methodology used (ie demanding remote area pay in a populated coastal location) indicates mental instability.