Tuesday, May 24, 2011

But it's still better than Workchoices... Rite?

It may be the case that Mine Host is having to spring for $66,400 per year to put an attendant his is driveway.

However, due to provisions of the groovy new "Fair Work" Act (supposedly Better than the "Workchoices" it replaced) the Swinging Arms, on the same town block, only has to cough for circa $55,000 for exactly the same job, working exactly the same hours.

Both the Wayside Tavern & the Swinging Arms are fully compliant with the Fair Work Act. Both have exactly the same Liquor Licence, the same trading hours, operate under the exact same section of the exact same award. Both have the exact same ownership structure.

On certain days, Mine Host has to pay almost double the pay as does the Swinging Arms.

This is a stark example of how ill thought out & hasty is the "Fair Work" Act.

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