Thursday, June 02, 2011

Fast Worker

New chef is a bit of a bad boy. Not remotely the type one would want their daughter anywhere near.
With his first couple of pay packets under his belt, he became quite jumpy, wanting a few days off to "settle a few things".
Unless Mine Host misses his guess, New Chef had to settle a few debts of such a nature that they were better settled while his limbs were still intact.

Returning much happier after his week away, he was standing in a small group near to the cocktail bar. A not unpresentable blonde lady approaching the bar stopped to wait her turn to talk to one of the group.
As she waited New Chef asked her would she like a drink?
"No, not interested in drinking tonight" she said.
Without missing a beat he enquired/stated: "Well, let's go somewhere then".

So they left. Together.

1 comment:

Boy on a bike said...

Let me guess - you had a slutwalk in your town that night, and she was off to attend?