Friday, June 15, 2012

Dog Food

  • One of Mine Host's chores as a kid was to gather dog food.
  • Here he is posing with some freshly obtained dog food
  • It has just been unloaded from the wagon it was collected in.
  • This photo is principally of the wallabies.
  • The brno is there simply because that was easier than leaning it against something.
  • This photo was taken by my Grandmother.
  • Mum helped arrange the pose of the wallabies.
  • ... thus they both unwittingly conspired to destroy my chances of Olympic selection.
  • The angle is quite low, to make me appear taller, as I wanted to seem like a "big kid".
  • Should any moisturiser-using pansy from the Australian Olympic Swimming Committee make so much as one crack about this photo being inappropriate for showing to Mine Host's "grandmother or mother"; then....
  • .....they'll wish to god they'd stayed at home to select dogs & cats for the annual pet show.
  • That is guaranteed!


Sackerson said...

Should your paragraphs in this piece have bullet points?

Steve at the Pub said...

Done! Good idea!