Friday, June 29, 2012

Gillard Stops the Boats!

....Australian fishing boats that is.

The Mother-of-all-Marine-Parks is to be created, by turning what seems like just about every square mile of Australian owned ocean from..... er... open ocean into "Marine Park".

Thus for no reason other than an impractical thought bubble that got turned into statute, life has been ruined for people (commercial fishermen) whose contribution has been to work hard all their life, pay tax, and provide food.

On a morning news programme a morbidly overweight middle aged woman, unknown to Mine Host, but likely a minister or lackey thereof (state or federal) announced, through beady piggy eyes, jiggling jowls, & a baleful glare, that this guillotining of their productive life actually presented an "opportunity" to commercial fishermen.

There are many words for the effect on people when their livelihood is being eliminated by statute, but "opportunity" is not among them.

She used the word "opportunity" at least six times.

It is fortunate indeed for Mine Host's TV set that there wasn't a boot or brick handy. This slug of a female was calmly & callously announcing the end of productive people's livelihood (done for no valid reason) as if it were a positive.

(It is not as if the laws were changed to reduce the need for lawyers, accountants, humanities lecturers, or cultural outreach officers, all of whom are a net drain on society - this is the spiking of people who are net contributors to society)

Any criminal defence lawyer worth their salt knows that extremely overweight women are at all costs to be kept off a jury, as they are a particularly harsh & unsympathetic lot. Being on a jury is one thing, one can imagine how much worse it can get by letting people of such unsympathetic character input into nation decision making.

It is disgusting that the members of the government will go on to receive pensions & other comforts, whilst the (former) fishermen go on to penury.

As a noted economist said last week: The only reason Australia has a two-speed economy is that despite its best efforts to do so, the federal government has not yet managed to wreck the mining industry.


Anonymous said...

Amen brother.

Can you imagine an Australia where people willing to risk all for a reasonable or unreasonable profit - meanwhile employing people - are actually given succour, rather than the continuous drip, drip, drip of the chinese water torture of increased government involvement in every phase of a citizen's life?

To comment from a recent interview Tony Abbott held with the Australian's Paul Kelly:

"Abbott wants to curb the idea that “government knows best”, limit interference in people’s lives, cut social engineering and, as a perpetual volunteer in his personal life, promote Edmund Burke’s concept of “little platoons"-Abbott’s notion of social communities based on individual initiative and much greater personal responsibility."

Words are cheap though - how good would it be if Abbott actually governed like that when the time came?

Mick from Melbourne

RebeccaH said...

A caveat: the woman you castigate, whatever her physical condition and political circumstances, has offered you (and by "you", I mean sane, right-thinking Australians) an opportunity. I'm pretty sure that doesn't mean what she thinks it means, but it should mean the English-fought-for meaning to anybody who isn't completely brainwashed. What she said, and probably without her understanding, is that you have a precedent and documented means to repudiate her stupid academic position.

We in America are fighting for our Constitutionally gauranteed rights against

RebeccaH said...

Oops, went through that whole thing without finishing my thought, which was about the current politically existential battle in America, which may or may not have bearing on Australia's political travails (although, they tell us, what America does affects everybody, which isn't what most of us really want.